Looking for a fun weekend getaway in Kenya? Now I don’t know about you but the elements I look for in a weekend holiday are good company, a unique location and a balance between fun and relaxation. And my friends and I found just the place at Trout Tree Nanyuki


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It’s is located less than 100m off the main Kiganjo-Nanyuki Road and 3km from the Nanyuki Airstrip.  Built in and around a huge Sacred Fig Tree, the restaurant serves fresh trout from the trout ponds below, char-grilled to perfection.




Surrounded by lots of pretty flowers and greenery, the restaurant can seat up to 60 people and has some adorable resident Colobus Monkeys I managed to meet in person and cute Tree Hyrax.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 08.18.05

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The unique Tree house style restaurant with its windy staircase sets an exciting atmosphere and is a huge hit with children as well as the young at heart

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They also have a play area for kids, or perhaps in the case of Soulo and I, oversized children! Excited about the prospect of choosing our own fish we headed down to the trout tree ponds to place our order. Here u can watch them catch the fish fresh from the water, make your selection and have them cleaned and ready for grilling.

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Another unique feature at trout tree is being able to order your refreshments straight out of the pond. The crates of sodas and beers are attached to the pulley system and you can pass the time waiting for your meal, by pulling up your order of drinks!


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If its perfectly grilled trout you’re looking for then trout tree is the spot to visit whether as a family or group of friends. Their menu also includes prime Laikipia beef and vegetarian options, while at weekends a kids’ menu is available and the pizza oven is fired up.

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Nestled in the lower end of the Trout Farm, Creaky Cottage provides memorable and unique accommodation.  Set in a tranquil corner, by the Buruget river, this self-contained cottage sleeps up to 6 people.

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Creaky Cottage is so named because it is built around a huge evergreen Podo tree that towers over and shelters the house.

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For those who would rather not cook, meals can be ordered from the restaurant.  As I was assigned kitchen duty for the night, we decided to freshen up and head to nearby Nanyuki town to get some groceries and do some exploring.

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There’s lots to do in Nanyuki with plenty of interesting and creative roadside curios.

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We also found the perfect place to buy some meat to cook for dinner but couldn’t resist the smell of nyamachoma and enjoyed a tasty and pocket friendly meal at the same time.

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You must visit the Lily pond arts centre which has a lovely restaurant. We however, had greedily enjoyed two meals already, so opted to just relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Back at creaky cottage, a cook can be organized to assist you with whatever preparations are necessary for your meals and their kitchen is fully functional.

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The next morning after a very well rested night, we set up breakfast in the garden of trout trees creaky cottage, with the sound of the river in the background as you chat… and with the pretty rays of sunshine beaming through the trees, this was a beautiful end to a fun and relaxing weekend in Nanyuki with great friends!

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