I must say I’m obsessed with Watamu!!! What a little piece of paradise along Kenya’s coast

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And in the small town of Watamu, I found a quiet resort to enjoy an incredible holiday. Ora Resort. Located at the entrance of the Watamu Marine Park, this hotel offers stunning sandy white beaches and enchanting ocean views accessible from any part of the Hotel.

ora resort


Guests can enjoy a variety of activities and the first thing I did was change and head off to the sand bank in Watamu bay that emerges during low tide. Clear white sand, warm sunshine on your back and only the sounds of the sea…erm and yes, my cliche wanna be model poses! 🙂

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Ora Resort boasts of 200 rooms that are divided into single or double floor bungalows set in lush green gardens.  Each room has wide windows with views of the Ocean and come equipped with air conditions, safes, telephones, a Veranda and outside seating. Each room can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children.



It’s a miracle I didn’t turn into a snotty nosed brat after this holiday, especially after the treatment I received from their spa!! You have the option of setting up a massage session out by the pool if you prefer.

A little TLC...

A little TLC…

Working up an almost frightening suntan, I took full advantage of their two swimming pools; one is quiet and secluded or if you need some exercise their second pool is always very lively with regular music and exercise routines


Dinner was a grand affair and on my way to the evening cocktails I couldn’t resist first stopping by their telescope to do a bit of star gazing.

I was in great company and chatted away and enjoyed delicious cocktails before we sat down to a special dinner set up in the garden. A special sea food dinner that comprised of crab, shrimp, octopus and red snapper as well as plenty of chicken and lamb chops for the meat lovers. I didn’t dare step on a weighing scale for months thereafter!!!

A popular activity in Watamu is snorkeling in the Watamu Marine Park, I was transported into a whole different world, with pretty coloured fish, interesting coral formations and the beautiful sights under the sea. A truly magical experience.

For the more daring, kite surfing has become quite trendy along the coast and there are instructors available to will provide the equipment and instructions needed

Back at the resort, the lunch call is always a celebration of song and dance and they encourage you to join in the fun!!

Lunch time!!

Lunch time!!

Customary lunch time celebrations

Customary lunch time celebrations



Soaking in paradise

Soaking in paradise


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