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Luxury tree houses, a lush green forest, a magical forest plunge pool and throw in a few cows and chickens? “Tell me more, I’m intrigued” I said to Lucy who was researching on hidden holiday gems in Kenya.

A gem it truly turned out to be, I honestly couldn’t believe this was the first time I was hearing about Malu lodge in the Naivasha area.

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Nestled in an ancient forest with sweeping views over the Great Rift Valley, Malu is a stunning getaway and the perfect base for exploring the Rift Valley and many national parks and just a 90 minute drive from Nairobi.



Fifty years ago the entire escarpment was covered with this forest—now the Malu section is almost the only piece remaining, making this area of vital importance to the bird and wildlife of the area, as well as the fragile Naivasha basin ecosystem. You have the freedom to walk and ride through one of East Africa’s original highland forests, where leopard, buffalo and zebra roam. Their horses & mountain bikes provide a unique close encounter with this untouched wilderness.


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Children especially love Malu lodge for its opportunities for contact with the physical world. They provide unique opportunities for bird watching, horse riding, donkey cart rides, and mountain bike activities as well as feeding of their farm animals.

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Walks range from gentle strolls to challenging hikes, and there are superb riding trails for both novices and the more experienced. A unique plunge pool built into the Mahindu stream amidst overhanging figs and vines is fed by natural hot water springs, perfect for a relaxing dip.

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Their accommodation ranges from family villas to cottages and a large tree house

1379570301_Malu Lodge - main



Malu is the last remaining indigenous cedar forest on the eastern rift between Longonot & Nakuru, and is recognized as an area of vital importance to the fragile ecosystem of the Naivasha basin.


Galaxy Trend plus

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    base for
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