Home-stay Experience in Kilifi

When we set out to produce the show travel diaries, our mission was to really urge more Kenyans to travel and experience Kenya first hand. For a long time, the notion has been tourism is a foreigner’s affair and much of the marketing has been directed towards this, and it’s unfortunate where we have so much, literally at our doorsteps but we are content to hear and read third party stories of travelers’ exploits to Kenya. To change this, we have strived to highlight affordable places and ways to holiday and still have maximum fun and create great memories.
One of the best and most affordable ways to holiday is staying at Vacation home rentals. These are, hands down, the best way for you to enjoy a truly relaxing, rewarding and budget-friendly family vacation. Vacation homes give you much room to relax and provide unique and luxurious amenities and services versus the limited accommodations and space found at even the highest rated resorts and hotels. (IMO)
There are vacation rentals/holiday homes spread out across the country and websites dedicated to these homes where potential visitors are able to search, enquire, negotiate and book a family or large group holiday at these properties.
I recently had such a trip out in Kilifi, and stayed at the gorgeous Bridge house at Mnarani.it was an amazing experience. The house is an ideal house to rent for big groups of people as it has plenty of space, large rooms and plenty of comfy seating areas.
Situated at the top of a cliff, this property offers fabulous views of Kilifi Creek. Access to the beach is through the property via the lush gardens. All of the bedrooms are tastefully furnished with traditional hand-carved furniture, all are air conditioned and all have en-suite bathrooms, with power showers. There are 3 double bedrooms upstairs in the main house, opening on to the veranda with magnificent views of the creek. The other 3 bedrooms, which are ideal for children and teenagers, are in a guest wing to one side of the house (3metres away) containing 8 single beds and en-suite bathrooms.
Having travelled in a large group, the cost of accommodation and meals was evenly shared out ensuring minimal spend for all. The house like most vacation rentals is well equipped with major amenities and staff is usually included in the package ensuring you have people to cook and clean up making this a full vacation. Other perks of vacation rentals include such amenities like Private pools ,Multiple master suites and bedrooms, Games ,Full kitchens plus large and multiple dining areas, Entertainment and electronics amenities like TVs and DVD players ,Wi-Fi internet access .
So as you plan your holiday this season, consider a vacation rental, we have a couple of homes that we have featured on travel diaries and we would love to share their details, kindly inbox for their contacts.

Happy planning.

Kilifi Home-stay experience

Kilifi Home-stay experience


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