I was a tom boy as a little girl. Skinny, short hair and always running around barefoot in shorts and t-shirts. So no, I never had those “I want to be a princess fantasies”, but I did wonder how all the other girls managed to always keep their hair so well brushed and pretty!

Eve D'Souza the Tom Boy

Eve D’Souza the Tom Boy

Well as someone once told me, “it’s never too late to turn an ugly duckling into a princess”…or something like that! Thrilled to hear a holiday spot themed around castles had opened in Kenya, I immediately booked a trip. I shall have my fairytale experience a little late in life, but better late than never 🙂


Feeling like a part time princess at Tafaria!


Upon first sight, a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan will immediately think of Kings landing. Get ready to be transported back to the middle ages. I actually expect knights to appear with their shields and swords.

As I drove in, I noticed a barbican – a fortified outpost or gateway in the medieval times used for defensive purposes. It typically inspired many tales of hot oil being poured over intruding enemies. Though not to worry, I have no burn wounds to report of!

The Babican

Tafaria’s Barbican

The name of the castle, Tafaria, after the owner who brought to life this charming fairytale in Kenya – George Tafaria Waititu


The sight is simply breathtaking. Perched on a hill deep in the Kenyan Highlands, the Tafaria Castle and Lodge offers splendid views. The perfectly manicured lawns and the cobbled walk path leads to the magnificent entrance which is built as the gatehouse. The rough stoned walls that rise all the way to the Keep at the top of the castle complete with arrow slits on the sides presents a formidable fortress.


The reception

The reception has carriage seats with a tree sprouting right in the reception desk. Check in at the reception gives you a taste of what to expect as you take in the feel and design of the parlor.

As with everything else, the rooms are anything but conventional. You have a choice between the various types of accommodation. For couples in search of a romantic escape, the Lord’s room  in the main castle, is perfect for a honeymoon or when you just want to enjoy the comforts of a very spacious suite complete with its own sitting room.

Tafaria Lords room lounge

The Lords Room

Knight Quarters

The Vikings quarters


The Vikings quarters

Outside the castle you will see some quaint cottages which are the  Damsels quarters ideal for families or a group of friends. The Vikings quarters is also perfect for those who prefer tented adventure and also has a private patio. And For those who would like a little more room, the Knights quarters have you covered. The Lost Knight quarters is even more spacious and perfect for larger groups.

Tafaria pool – view

Tafaria Castle will make sure you will not suffer from boredom for even one minute. There is a swimming pool out back where you can relax or just dive in for a refreshing swim.

For those who like fishing, get your fishing gear ready because you will have a chance to catch tilapia and mud fish straight from Tafarias ponds


Fishing at Tafaria’s mud ponds

Tafaria fishing


On the grounds you’ll see ponies and horses which only add credibility of the medieval theme, and I wasn’t going to pass up a ride fit for a princess!


Tafaria  Castle frontage

I was quite impressed to learn there is also an amphitheatre, which replicates the roman culture. However instead of concrete or wooden seating, this open air amphitheatre has a soft carpet of grass. This was originally built for the local community in the area to use. A noble way to give back to the community

The Tafaria Amphithietre

Roman styled Amphitheatre

And if all that isn’t enough action …You can also enjoy the wildlife by taking the day tour to the Aberdare National Park


Waterfall at Aberdares


When it comes to comfort, serenity, adventure, history, architecture and peace, the Tafaria Castle and Lodge will give you all that and more.

Tafaria Bailey Dining

Dining view


Tafaria by night


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