“A beach holiday in Western Kenya?? You must be mad!!!” laughed my camera man. I couldn’t blame him to be honest, when most people plan a beach holiday, they tend to immediately think of the Kenyan coast and its white sandy beaches. But on ‘Travel Diaries’, I found a quieter, unique and even more charming option for a beach holiday…by the shores of Lake Victoria.


Lake Victoria, Western Kenya

Rusinga is a three hour drive from Nairobi and it makes for a scenic road trip as well as the chance to enjoy a 45 minute ride using Mbita ferry across the lake to Rusinga. The lodge is open all year round and the days are generally sunny however the months of April and May could prohibit some activities due to the long rains.


Mbita Ferry to Rusinga


Fishermen in Lake Victoria


The grounds of Rusinga Island Lodge

As soon as I saw that rich carpet of green grass, I wanted to roll all over it like I used to watch my dog Lucky do – except he would roll around in mud! As much as I’m a bonafide coast girl, the one challenge is trying to consistently look cute in humid heat. Never gonna happen! Luckily, Rusinga island has a mild climate making outdoor activities pleasurable -providing a perfect balance of cool breezes and sunny days




Exuding an atmosphere of serene tranquility, Rusinga’s manicured lawns stretch to Lake Victoria’s edge and the sound of waves breaking along the shore makes it a one of a kind lodge. The simple architecture and decor is the first thing I noticed when I walked into the reception. The Zimbabwean styled thatched roofs, are quite a prominent feature throughout this piece of paradise

08 09

With their high-thatched roofs, spacious verandahs overlooking lush gardens and the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria beyond, Rusinga’s accommodation comprises six self-contained cottages plus a family cottage.





The cool evening breeze rushed through the palms, creates a hypnotizing sound that promptly put you to sleep…or may be it was that double vodka I polished off! *hic* It truly is blessed with infinite beauty and a sense of calm. It has that annoying ‘awwww i wanna fall in love and live happily after’ appeal, so i highly recommend it as a romantic getaway!

19 52

Their grounds, with its exotic trees, are haven for a myriad of bird species – many of which are unique to this small corner of Kenya. And offers an ideal base from which to enjoy a very different and memorable beach holiday by the legendary lake Victoria in Western Kenya.

Pics Rusinga Island Lodge


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