Ol Lentille – Laikipia Luxury Travel


If you love scenic road trips, a journey to sanctuary at Ol Lentille will not disappoint. On a clear morning you can see stunning Mt Kenya from the road as you drive through Timau. This trip was bound to be fun as we took my former radio co-host Soulo along with us! A travel lover like myself! As we drove through the north of laikipia, the landscape changed all around us…a refuge or indeed sanctuary from the harsh city life.




If it’s an unforgettable luxury safari holiday you want, the sanctuary at Ol lentille will take it to a whole other level. Set amongst 20,000 acres of the most scenic conservancy north of Mount Kenya, this is an ideal location for a spectacular holiday and will be every photographers dream.


We first settled down for a sundowner on the deck which will immediately relax you and set even more anticipation for the nature hikes planned the following day. At Ol Lentille you do have your private house with a personal butler and valet.

The next morning, our masai guide promised a day full of dazzling views and non stop action. We started our morning at Mlima Fisi waiting for the sunrise which was magnificent.



Waiting for the sunrise at Mlima Fisi


Eve, Soulo and Masai guide


A stunning sunrise

After that we drove a few minutes to flat rock where Soulo and I had to take a break and just marvel at the incredible beauty that surrounded us. A work of art sculpted by nature.



But the most thrilling experience was still to come – a quad bike safari! If you’ve never been on a quad bike, not to worry as your guide will give you the necessary instructions and take you on a test drive. When your comfortable and fully confident, then the fun begins! It’s an absolute rush and feel of freedom riding through the conservancy, out in the wild!





After an hour out in the hot sun what better way to cool off than in the lodges infinity pool.



This is one of the most special spots at Ol Lentille, with the chance to goof off, enjoy a refreshing swim and in Soulo’s case, show the world he doesn’t really get out that often 🙂


But the best part comes after the swim, lying on the sun beds and taking in that unbelievable view


The lodge has very luxurious accommodation. The colonels house sleeps 4. With brass-bound furniture, and oriental carpets, you can feel a connection with a bygone era of comfort and style.

The sultans house sleeps 2 to 4 people and is designed in “Lamu” style. It has fine plaster carving, and lavish furnishings, including a four-poster bed.

The chiefs house sleeps 6 and is A reflection of contemporary Africa combining a sumptuously cool modern interior with the best of African art, fabrics and artefacts.


Lunch is a relaxed affair out on the deck by the pool where we enjoyed the delicious array of dishes prepared. If you need a time out from the heat or activities, you can either make use of their library where you may read, write and relax. On top of the library is a great viewing deck with panoramic views and the chance to see Mt Kenya on a clear day.


Fully relaxed we ventured out for a very unique masai homestead visit organized by the lodge. The women were very welcoming, and escort you into their compound with song and dance. One song in particular was competitive where a stick is used as a barrier, and only if you are a good dancer will you be allowed to pass. I was quite proud of myself for passing the test…or may be they were just being polite!



After the dancing you’re invited by village elders into the home of their head or chief. Here they show their hospitality by serving muratina, a local beer popular with the masai made from honey and aloe vera roots. And before you leave, the elders bestow a traditional blessing.


Muratina anyone?


Goofy smiles = *hic*


Masai blessing

Our final activity was one of the toughest tests, climbing up Lentille, the highest point in north laikipia.


Lentille the highest point in Northern Laikipia


Collapsed at the top!!

But once I miraculously got to the summit (with a lot of shoving and pulling from Soulo) my cursing and grumbling promptly stopped


A 360 degree view of the breathtaking beauty, it’s a lot to take in. It truly made our trip to Laikipia so special. So many unique memories on film that we would never forget!



Pics courtesy: Suleiman Munyua (Soulo), Bush and Beyond, Paradizo.com.


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