Crater Lake Camp Naivasha


In my mind, Naivasha has always been a popular location for camping, hanging out with your friends, enjoying a boozy weekend with the excuse ‘its cold, what else do you expect me to do?’ Well for those looking for a breathtaking holiday, with amazing scenery and activities in Naivasha, I found the perfect place whilst filming ‘Travel Diaries’.

Beautiful Crater Lake

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is perfectly located just 10 kilometers from Naivasha town. This is a small private sanctuary centered around a volcanic crater lake with spectacular green water. The lake attracts many flamingo, and the surrounding forests and plains have plenty of game. Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley is Crater Lake Camp. Crater Lake Camp offers a stirring encounter with the wild – the perfect holiday spot for friends or family as well as a romantic getaway for any couple.

Beautiful Crater Lake

Beautiful Crater Lake

The camp is located by the lake, and makes for a perfect setting as you have lunch on the jetty, with just the sounds of the birds and the dining structure rocking gently above the water. And don’t worry, i tested the structure for you 🙂 No amount of stomping and jumping on the boards will cause any damage…just don’t fall over if you can’t swim!

Accommodation is comfortable and rustic and very affordable. Yippppeeeee my pals can stop complaining that going on Safari is uber expensive in Kenya! Nyef nyef nyef….

There are various activities a couple can enjoy during their stay, we were all set to go on a nature walk when to our delight a giraffe wandered right up to the camp. I couldn’t stop squealing like a little girl!! ‘Oh my God a giwaaaaffff…i wuuuuv him!!!!!’ Where else can you take a picture at this close proximity with a giraffe in the wild? YAY!!

Poser alert!

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary nature trails lead through the vegetation around the crater with plenty of wildlife including giraffes, zebras antelopes and other attractions. While walking though, remember that buffaloes lurk around and are very dangerous. For your own safety you must be accompanied by an experienced guide. It’s a surreal and unforgettable experience to walk amongst the wildlife though i won’t lie, i almost peed my pants when we came across a lone buffalo staring us down from a distance!!! Me no likey them buffaloes!

Enjoy a nature walk amongst gazelle, giraffe, zebra and buffalo

Dinner is served back at the camps restaurant and should you chose to try out a night game drive, – we were lucky to get a glimpse of the African Kangaroo! I didn’t even know they existed until then! Duh….

Flamingo taking off at Lake Oloiden just 5 minutes from Crater lake lodge

As the sun comes up over crater lake and the hills, i was off to yet another beautiful day in the great Rift valley. I decided to visit Lake Oloiden just a few minutes from the camp where you can hire boats for a beautiful ride. Oloiden lake is rich in algae which is why so many flamingoes have migrated here, ( i may soon follow suit) and paints a pretty picture in the sky as the flock of birds take off in unison.

Treat yourself to one hour of being out on the water amongst the flamingo, hippos, and very often u also see wildlife by the shore.


Giraffe are spotted quite frequently by the shore



The outstanding quality about the camp is their location, with stunning sights and scenic views, it’s almost impossible to put a price on the natural beauty of Crater Lake camp.


Lake Oloiden has one of the highest population of Flamingo


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