Meru – Rhino River Camp


I blame my Kenyan friends for believing the only highlight in Meru was the miraa trade! Little did I know how jaw dropping beautiful Meru was going to be. Preserved, remote, rugged and teaming with wildlife. No wonder people call it “Kenya’s complete wilderness”. Meru National Park is one of Kenya’s gems and within; you will find an unusual, exclusive luxury lodge. A perfect base to explore the complete wilderness of Meru.


On the western border of Meru National Park, Rhino River Camp is located around 120 miles north-east of Nairobi on the banks of the Kindani river. They are literally at the doors of the rhino sanctuary of the Park, which is arguably its main attraction. Their rooms are set over the gently flowing Kindani River and are as serene and peaceful as anyone can hope for.


The beauty of Meru lies in its landscape, or rather, the variety of it. It’s located in Northern Kenya, which is typically dry but transformed by the thirteen perennial rivers flowing through and originating from the Nyambeni Hills. The Park is blessed with all sorts of wildlife, from rare exotic birds to big game such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards and the famous rhinos roaming freely.


A collection of just eight large luxury cottages made out of canvas and local hardwood makes Rhino River Camp a quiet, exclusive retreat. The rooms are scattered sparsely along the river thus ensuring a private and peaceful stay in the most romantic setting. Add to that a swimming pool to laze in, a relaxing and comfortable public area, plenty of nature trails carved into their private property. It’s a perfect hideout in the most scenic Park of Kenya.


As Rhino River Camp is conveniently located at short distance from the Rhino Sanctuary inside Meru National Park, you are assured to view at close quarters some of the many white or black rhinos roaming freely. The Park is also home to reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, and oryx which are not to be found in many other National Parks or areas in Kenya.


As you may remember, Meru was the place where the saga of Elsa the lioness of “Born Free” fame, took place. Lions are of course still regularly seen. Apart from the game drive and visit to the sanctuary, you can enjoy fishing either at Kindani or in one of the many rivers of Meru National Park. You can also treat yourself to an unforgettable sundowner with the view of the sun setting on the Nyambeni hills.


The Lodge offers a chance to connect with nature. Whether it’s game viewing, going on a bush hike or simply soaking up the savannah sun, Rhino River Camp offers endless opportunities for adventure and the perfect space for relaxation in beautiful Meru.



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