Are we there yet?…..Okay now are we there yet?….I sat impatiently at the back of the car, this was one long drive! Destination: Nyanza, Western Kenya. I had read a lot about Homa bay, but knew very little about next door Kendu bay. And a beach holiday no less in this area!

Growing up at the coast, I had gotten into the bad habit of always going home to the beach when Christmas holidays came around. But ever since I started traveling around Kenya, I’ve been actively searching for a great alternative! Now I’ve been to Kisumu a couple of times, and thoroughly enjoyed stuffing my face by the lake with their legendary fish, but I had never taken the time to explore the rest of Western Kenya. An area of great cultural and natural diversity, this is where we found an amazing gem!


Kendu bay is linked by a road to Homa bay, 30 kms southwest, and is a long drive from Nairobi. I kept staring at my horribly chipped and stained nails, signs i had been on the travel circuit too long! I had turned into a bush girl! But I wasn’t prepared for the breathtaking sight that awaits when you drive into the lodge.



Set on the glistening shores of Lake Victoria, Kisindi Lodge & Spa is truly a hidden gem and I instantly relaxed and forgot all about the stress of the city and the need for a manicure!


michael kisindi june 23rd 027

pic 4

Surrounded by beautiful views of the lake and mountains, guests are accommodated in traditional grass thatched cottages to give it a true authentic feel. Each cottage has its own bathroom with piped hot and cold water, a veranda which overlooks the lake and which will allow you to see the fishermen set sail in the morning. Kisindi Lodge & Spa boasts of being a sanctuary of tranquility. The rooms are therefore not equipped with a television



I was quite impressed with their restaurant, which serves delicious three course, gourmet lunches and dinners and their fully stocked bar provides the perfect ambiance to watch the sun set over the lake and the Suba Mountains.


It’s a short walk to the shore and I highly recommend a boat ride, it makes for the perfect sundowner and it really is a sight to behold out on Lake Victoria as the skies turn various shades of red and orange.


You can take a hike up the mountain or visit the nearby Abundu hot springs, where some of the locals frequent to boil eggs and cook their vegetables. If you’re lucky they’ll be kind enough to share their humble feast, I’ve actually never felt so privileged to eat a boiled egg in my life! Very generous of them to include me!


The Lodge is a two and a half hour drive from the Kisumu airport, and is not only a peaceful and relaxing holiday spot, but very affordable for Kenyan Citizens.


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