Eve and the girls have a fun weekend in Malindi!

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! (Malindi style!)


My best friend can’t swim. A strange phenomenon for me, as I practically grew up splashing around in the Indian Ocean. From the age of 5 I knew for sure I had been born a beach baby. Well I guess being a Mombasa girl I was already biased. But even you must admit, life always seems happier when you’re by the sea!

Despite my friends ability to sink to the bottom of a mass of water in a record 2 seconds flat, she constantly begged me to plan us a beach holiday. Destination of choice – Malindi.

So four fun loving girls packed up their summer dresses and strappy sandals and headed to Malindi for what we had no doubt would be an epic weekend! I don’t know if somebody pumps laughing gas into the air, but for some reason, as soon as we landed at the Malindi airport, we couldn’t stop giggling and laughing hysterically. Which would ordinarily annoy most passengers, but luckily everyone who traveled to Malindi seemed to have caught the happy bug too!

I remember us gawking at the big pakachas of mangoes right outside the airport entrance, “Oh my God I’m so taking one back with me!” I screamed in glee. Once again, there must’ve been something in the air, because I don’t ever recall screaming like a groupie at the sight of mangoes before!

hotel Diamonds Dream of Africa *****



Girls on the beach

After much ‘oooooohing’ and ‘aaaaaaahing’ at our gorgeous hotel accommodation we skipped off to the beach. Now this was something special. Truly. The beaches in Malindi are simply dazzling, quiet, deserted and feel almost magical! No large annoying crowds, or beach boys stopping you every ten seconds with ‘Hallo my sista we go to the reef today?’ I honestly felt like I had finally found a slice of heaven.


After a long day frolicking along the beach, the girls and I decided it was time to turn up the ante. Malindi is legendary when it comes to its night life. My cousin always fondly refers to it as the party capital of the coast. ‘Star dust’, ‘Fermento’ and the Casino were spots I had heard so much about and had been dying to experience for myself. We decided the casino would be a great place to kick off the night. It was buzzing, alive, people chatting and drinking around various gambling tables. Being absolute amateurs our luck didn’t fare too well, but there was such an interesting eclectic mix of people we got to mingle with, it made up for our loss.


The next party spot was Fermento Vivo night club, where we promptly took over the dance floor and strategically positioned ourselves under the flashy disco ball. In high spirits two hours later (forgive the pun) we happily danced out of the club into the legendary Stardust discotheque. Packed to capacity with holiday revelers from all over the world, I almost forgot I was actually in Kenya. The social scene in this nocturnal town is incomparable, and needless to say by the end of the night I couldn’t feel my feet! Everyone loves to dance in Malindi!

The perfect way to wind up a high adrenalin eventful night out in this town is with a deliciously authentic Italian pizza. No question about it. Give the high population of Italians in Malindi, it’s a guarantee you’ll sample the best Italian pizzas in Kenya. As we walked out of Stardust, we spotted the pizzeria right outside conveniently located. We may have been four petite giggly girls, but that night, we wolfed down those pizzas like jocks!

By the time we got back to the hotel, day light was fast approaching. Eager to take in as much of Malindi as we could, we huddled together on the beach and watched the sun rise. It is the most powerful mental image I have to date of Malindi. The sky put on an impressive show with a kaleidoscope of vibrant orange, and yellow hues that melded together seamlessly.

Malindi is known for a lot of things. Spectacular beaches, an electric party scene, rich history and culture, delicious cuisine. But most of all, Malindi gives you a chance to escape the stress of everyday life and really live it up like a rockstar! But I warn you, the worst part about Malindi, is having to leave….sniff.


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